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Our cutting-edge filming service produces immersive 360 degree videos. We can change how you capture your world, and remember your cherished moments




Shooting a perfectly created 3d video or photo for an unforgettable event can be a tricky, especially if you are an amateur. However, new 3d video cameras with 360-degree image capture technology can help you capture all the important events in your life. The 3dvideo cameras have a special spherical lens with the ability to cover all viewpoints. 3D photography gives the viewer a feeling of being there, while HD image brings life to images. Taking 3d camera video of your special events like wedding or birthday is important, because it will leave you with a lasting impression.

oculus-13D video camera specs

If you want to capture 3d viedo or photo, you need a high quality digital camera or a DSLR with a resolution of between 12 to 24 megapixels. To capture best 3d music videos, you also need high resolution video cameras that can shoot in the range of Full HD 1080P and 4 K. Some of the most popular cameras for capturing 3D photography include; the Nikon D90, Nikon DSLR D5200 and Canon 5D Mark II.

oculus-rift3D photography equipment

The 3d photography equipment needed for capturing high resolution red cyan 3d videos and photos will largely depend on your level of professionalism. The most important equipment includes a high resolution photo camera, lens and panoramic head. Most 3d camera video devices are equipped with a mechanism for producing immersible videos that ensure every angle of view is recorded simultaneously.


Other Important 3d new video shooting tips

To get the best video 3d shots:

  • Shoot in intervals of 10 degrees to capture the entire 360 degrees of your 3d vidio.
  • To make your images into a sphere, use your computer and right panoramic editing software.
  • Make sure your photos and 3d new video files such as 3d music videos are well-aligned; any unnecessary images should be removed.

Video and photo shooting techniques

To achieve the best video camera 3d captures, such as red cyan 3d videos, you need to set your pano over a tripod before mounting your high resolution digital camera with spherical lens. Next, you need to set your equipment on a manual mode to obtain best exposure.

See More Than Before

After taking the shots, you can use a number of video camera 3d stitching software’s such as KrPano, EasyPano and Kolor to tie up your images. Special equipment’s such as the rift virtual reality headset can also be used, if you want to detach yourself from your environment into the digital world.


A 3d video capture can easily be linked with maps to show how the locations relate. When it comes to multimedia options such as 3d music video, you can add any multimedia ingredient to enrich your capture. Some of the media components that can be added to 3d music videos include; voice over, soundtracks and sound effects.

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